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yes, i'll acctually make something good!!!!

2008-05-30 14:34:32 by OrangeyBlack


Now the imagination of a 14 year old combined with a wacom tablet, a decent PC and FLASH CS3 is the ultimate combianation!!!!

Okay so its not the ultimate combination but its still a nice one though...

And i've gained some animation skills, so i'll make something. I've planed 2 different ideas, but i'll do the easier idea first.

OH!!! and becuase i'm such a genius i made a mega kool floder for my flash work:

yes, i'll acctually make something good!!!!


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2008-05-30 14:42:59

Neat, Me and Bobby got CS3 too, 2 days ago.

OrangeyBlack responds:

lol same XD